Revolutionize Pet Safety with QR ID's

We invite you to contribute to the well-being of pets that go missing, face accidents or are affected by catastrophic natural emergencies.

Our QR Animal ID add to your tags innovation and reliable way to identify pets

Updatable Information

Owners can easily update their pet's information, mitigating the risk of being unable to contact them if the animal is in a dangerous situation.

Easy Access

Scanning a QR code is a process that most people are familiar with. It doesn't require any special app, a smartphones come with built-in QR code scanners in their cameras.

Why do tag manufacturers, such as yourself, appreciate incorporating our QR ID technology into their tags?

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Enhance Customer Value

Provide your customers with added value. QR Animal ID tags offer a seamless and secure way for pet owners to keep their beloved companions safer.

Cat wellfare

Contribute to Pet Welfare

Align your brand with a social cause. By integrating QR Animal ID technology, you actively contribute to pet safety and support animals in shelters.

Brand Reputation

Brand Reputation

By integrating the QR ID feature, you showcase innovation and the well-being of cherished animal companions, actions that have been highly rated by animal owners.

Ready to partner with us? It's easy!

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Receive feedback and next steps We'll let you know if your application is approved or if any adjustments are needed.
Sign the partnership agreement Let's join forces to revolutionize pet safety!
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See your customers thrive Watch their satisfaction after they experience the power of secure QR.

Join QR Animal ID and make a difference!

Contribute to Pet Welfare

As part of our commitment to social responsibility, pet owners who upgrade to a premium plan will donate QR Animal ID tags to shelters.

For every:

Silver Plan: We donate 1 QR Animal ID.
Gold Plan: We donate 2 QR Animal IDs.
Diamond Plan: We donate 3 QR Animal IDs.
Shelter Hands

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